State Advocacy 

HPCAI advocates all year on behalf of our members and works with legislators and state agencies to make sure home care has a voice in local government. The HPCAI Advocacy Committee sets the legislative agenda along with the HPCAI Board of Directors.The Advocacy Committee develops strategies to address these areas:

  1. Legislative: Monitor current state and federal legislation pertaining to hospice and palliative care and identify legislative priorities
  2. Regulatory: Monitor current regulatory issues
  3. Payer: Monitor current third-party payer issues and foster good relations
  4. Media: Monitor current media issues

For more information on being involved with IAHC’s advocacy efforts, contact Erika Eckley and HPCAI. 

How to Advocate on Behalf of Hospice and Palliative Care

Advocating for change at the state level is easier than you may think. On many issues, legislators receive little or no correspondence from their constituents. They are usually very receptive to individuals who are can better inform them on a topic in a clear and concise manner. During the session, HPCAI will often reach out to members through email and newsletters asking them to contact their legislators. Take a look at the information and give it serious consideration.

Attend Hospice Day on the Hill

HPCAI Hospice Day on the Hill is an important grassroots event for hospice and palliative care professionals and volunteers. It provides an opportunity to learn about issues facing legislators at the Capitol and to advocate with legislators in person. The day begins at he HPCAI offices in Des Moines. Advocates will have a short issue briefing at HPCAI before heading to the Capitol to meet with their legislators. The 2020 HPCAI Day on the Hill will be held Tuesday, March 3, and will focus on the hospice room and board pass through payments, nursing facility coverage for individuals on the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan and standardizing Medicaid prior authorization for hospice care. More information about Hospice Day on the Hill can be found here

Attend Local Legislative Forums

In addition to visiting with your legislators at the Statehose, there are many additional opportunities for HPCAI members to advocate and communicate the vision of Iowa’s hospice and palliative care agencies. One of the best ways to advocate on behalf of HPCAI and the hospice community is to meet with local legislators at forums. Forums are held throughout the session and give advocates across the state the ability to meet with local legislators in their area to discuss important topics.

HPCAI suggests that members specifically focus advocacy efforts on the Health and Human Services Appropriations CommitteeSenate Appropriation Committee chairsHouse Appropriation Committee chairsthe leadership and individual House and Senate members.