What you can do to help get the word out in your community:

  • Download the “Starter Kit.”
  • Sit down and work through it on your own or as an organization.
  • Host an event in your community.
  • Have starter kits available at your hospice organization.
  • Help facilitate conversations with families your organization serves.

Starting the Conversation

The Conversation Project fosters meaningful and effective conversations about end-of-life care. These are conversations for spouses/partners, parents, children, grandchildren, close friends - anybody who might be involved in making decisions for you at some point when you can’t speak for yourself (and 40 percent of us will face that at some point!).

You may have experienced or heard about:

  • The added stress when families don’t know what their loved one would want as they are dying.
  • Conflict (sometimes lasting damage) within a family if they disagree about what should be done or who should make decisions.
  • Grieving, which is more complex when people are left wondering if they did the right thing.
  • The feeling that health care professionals are doing too little or too much treatment because a family is not united or unclear.

HPCAI has become a dedicated supporter of the Conversation Project and will be working towards becoming a resource to help start the conversation in your communities. More details will be available in early 2017. An official name will also be revealed. Stop by the Conversation Project booth near the registration table to submit your branding ideas.

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