Palliative Care Tool Kit

Data is everywhere in health care and grows increasingly important as providers are challenged to meet the rising expectations of patients, payers and regulators.  At the most basic level, data collection establishes a benchmark for demonstrating the need and value of health care services.  To help demonstrate the value of palliative care and how it can be a solution in bending the cost curve as well as enhancing patient, family and provider satisfaction, data will be a necessity.

HPCAI’s Palliative Care Advisory Group has developed a Palliative Care Tool Kit to help members get started in collecting data.  The overwhelming number of online resources can be intimidating, so the intent of this tool kit is to provide a basic set of resources to help HPCAI members get started and move forward.  The tool kit includes:


The brochure materials are for your use so the information is provided both as a PDF in the original form and also in a Word document so you can create and customize a brochure to meet your organization’s needs.

If you have questions about developing palliative care services that you would like directed to the Palliative Care Advisory Group, contact HPCAI at (515) 243-1046 or e-mail Penni Upah.